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It is a high quality digital printing workshop created by Gabriel Figueroa Flores for photographers and graphic artists.

Our goal is to offer personalized attention to anyone who wants to print with the highest quality  (cotton or rice paper, synthetic amont others) and with the most advanced softwares.


Years of experience allow us to provide advice on the interpretation and presentation of printed works.


We have had the privilege of working with archives from: The Gabriel Figueroa Collection, the Frida Kahlo Museum, the Antica Photo Library of Puebla, the Julio Zadik Collection of Guatemala, and for organizations such as the Televisa Foundation, the Manuel Álvarez Bravo Association, the Mariana Yampolsky Foundation, as well as artists like Jan Hendrix, Marco Antonio Cruz, Gerardo Montiel, Maya Goded, Yvonne Venégas, to name a few.

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